Blanc d'Ivoire is above all a feminine way of life. A subtle, chic and refined art of living, imbued with softness and warmth. An art of living that has made gender diversity its trademark and restored interior design to its former glory. 

The brand

Creating a unique style based on harmonies of greys and natural hues, Blanc d'Ivoire imagines a new language by revisiting the classics with modernity and elegance, giving birth to a new trend. Quickly, his creations, furniture with a singular patina, shades enhanced with touches of fresh colors, and pieces of character, allow for new combinations of materials and periods, making the brand recognizable among all. 

Over the years, Blanc d'Ivoire has evolved

She is always more daring, broadening her horizons and taking on a new creative impetus. 

Drawing her inspiration from travel, she opens up to trends from here and elsewhere, mixing styles, abolishing borders and time. 

Combining the softness of natural materials with the rawness of the elements, the charm of old scrolls with the minimalism of clean contemporary lines, she revisits the art of French decoration by twisting it, bringing it that little extra soul. 

With audacity and poetry, she imagines universes composed to seduce this woman of today and forge a strong bond with her. 

A city woman who likes to mix styles to create a house in her image, a cosy house in which she recharges her batteries and feels good. 

A woman of character, who likes to hunt for ideas, to be inspired, to deal with genres and trends, to personalise her interior, a reflection of the Blanc d'Ivoire art of living, a singular and plural art of living at the same time. 

Plural Collection

A page opens with new stories, so you can create your own.

The collection comes to life. It is expanding and enriched: harmonious mix of colours, new work of materials, subtle addition of finishes... From singular, it becomes plural. 

Plural, like our exclusive creations, boldly and poetically mixing bleached oak with washed linen, metal veneers with wood, velvet with brass finishes, tanned leather with bronze patinas... And always, an infinite palette of whites and naturals.

Plural too, like all those places whose authentic charm has inspired our stories, carried by the same spirit of modernity and elegance: French chic, the sweetness of life 

Plural finally, like the Blanc d'Ivoire woman. According to her desires, crushes and travels, she imagines, mixes and composes to create her own style, one that will reveal the character of her interior. 

Throughout the pages, it is a whole French art of living, a singular and plural art of living, that we invite you to discover and share.