Who are we?

It was in 2002 that the wonderful story of Mathilde M. began. Drawing inspiration from the refinement of the eighteenth century, Mathilde M. brings elegance, charm and poetry to all interiors in a timeless classic chic style. Freely inspired by the heritage of the castles and beautiful residences of France, Mathilde M. revisits tradition to reconcile the excellence of artisanal know-how with the latest innovations.

Scents, decoration, the world of baby, cosmetics, tableware... Each object is designed to bring a note of softness and romanticism into your home and recreate a French art of living, imbued with refinement. Distributed in more than 50 countries, Mathilde M. is a leading player in the perfume and interior decoration market. 

Creation and know-how

Each new object is imagined and created from a hand-drawn design by our stylists, a Mathilde M. signature and exclusive designs that make our creations unique. Emblems of the Mathilde M. brand, the perfumed plaster decorations are all meticulously crafted in our workshops and chiseled by hand to create high-quality objects.

The Art of Perfume

Recognized for her know-how as an expert perfumer, Mathilde M. creates perfumes that enchant interiors with refined scents. Our very high quality perfumes are developed in close collaboration with Master Perfumers located in Grasse, the world capital of perfume, a true tribute to French tradition and know-how. Complex, our home fragrances are designed like body fragrances, and are an elaborate blend of many notes. Loaded with memories, they create an exceptional atmosphere that is immediately recognizable in the house.


Our Philosophy

Identifiable at first glance, Mathilde M.'s style is nourished by the history of the 18th century.

Precious ornaments of the Elegant Styles, sumptuous woodwork and furniture adorning the castles, period paintings and sculptures, magnificent ornamental gardens... Passionate about art, our designers draw their inspiration from this rich heritage that they reinterpret with a touch of modernity in each of our collections.

Committed to a strong artistic approach, Mathilde M. creates her collections and objects with the greatest respect for artisanal know-how: everything starts with a sketch, a drawing, which will then come to life on our products.

In our workshops, alchemy and meticulous craftsmanship bring our plaster decorations to life. The material is modelled and chiseled to create unique and original objects. The details and the perfect finish are achieved thanks to the harmonious ballet between the hand and the tool. The quality of the plaster obtained makes it possible to imbue each décor with a unique fragrance that is gradually and durably released. More than pretty decorative objects, the scented plaster decorations plunge you into the heart of a story, a unique olfactory universe. Each Mathilde M. object is adorned with refined details handmade in our workshops: stylized ribbons and precious cameos are the ultimate signature of the brand's incomparable elegance.

To offer this excellence and the pleasure of beautiful products, Mathilde M. is committed to offering quality objects, meeting extremely rigorous specifications.