Sometimes there is a little bit of any things to transform the atmosphere of a place and give it a very special atmosphere. In an apartment or in house, flavoring your interior allows you to create your own olfactory identity and to have a real sensory experience.

Candles, vaporizers, diffusers ... What are the modes of diffusion to be favored according to your desires and your interior?
The vaporizer of room perfume, for an instant and intense fragrance

Very easy to use, the room sprays make it possible to spray the perfume in a single gesture and to instantly embalm any corner of the house. You can change your scent at any time but also dose the intensity of the scoffing according to your desires and the size of the room: a simple press allows you to create a discreet and light veil while several vaporizations in different places of the room bring more 'intensity.

Much more than a fragrance, the vaporizers of room perfume have been able to evolve over time to become real delicate and refined writines, which are based perfection in your interior.
The room perfume diffuser, for continuous broadcasting

If you want to flavor your interior throughout the day, the room perfume diffuser is the object to favor. Once arranged in the bottle, rattan stems soak up the perfume by capillarity, releasing it for several weeks, even several months.

Depending on the desired intensity, you can add or remove rattan stems or turn them over if necessary.

The room perfume diffusers also exist in Soliflore version: the porcelain cookie replaces the rattan stems, for a soft and continuous diffusion.

From purified forms for the most contemporary spaces with the most elaborate shapes, the ambient perfume diffusers are available in all forms to marry all the styles of decoration.
The candle, for a soft and warm broadcast

A little decoration gem, the scented candle offers one of the warmest modes of diffusion. In particular, it provides soft light as soon as it is lit, to immediately create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere. Once extinguished, it will leave a light and discreet wake that will fade over time.

Large, small, united or with patterns, candles go together to create a chic and timeless decoration.

The diffusion time depends on the size of the candle. Thus, a candle of 55 g will offer you until 3 p.m. of diffusion while a candle of 440 g will deliver its scent for approximately 95 hours.
The electric diffuser, for an intense and continuous fragrance

For people who wish to combine efficiency and practicality, the electric diffuser has everything good: simple to use, it allows to intensely flavor space thanks to ultrasound technology which creates rapid vibrations ensuring the homogeneous mixture of perfume in water . The fragrance diffuses in a few moments in the form of a thin mist of water, which allows in particular to reduce the drought of the air and bring a soothing effect.

The most elaborate broadcasters even offer a program that is triggered and stops automatically, to offer even more ease of use and serenity.

These objects are invited today in all interior styles by sporting all kinds of designs and shapes.
The scented plaster objects, for a refined scented touch

Completely impregnated with perfume, scented plaster objects slip everywhere in the house: in cupboards, on a dresser, in a drawer ... whatever their shape or their size, they gradually release a delicate scent everywhere where they are posed.

Their use is particularly fun since it is enough to place them wherever you want. They will even be able to slip into a suitcase to accompany you during a trip and gently flavor your luggage.

Scefing your house has become a daily gesture today to feel good at home and bring a warm and personalized touch.
To find the fragrance that resembles you, let yourself be guided through our collection of scents, imagined alongside master perfumers of Grasse.

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